Carbon Edition

For Two Thousand and Sixteen, FMM presented; [The Carbon Edition]. 

Drawing inspiration from treasured childhood memories in Dubai, [The Carbon Edition] takes the wearer on a cultural journey through the old parts of Dubai. 

Inspired by the old steel doors of Deira, where each gated door tells a story of the families that have lived behind the door. 

“I remember wandering the area as a child, fascinated 

by the grand, brightly painted patterned doors. 

I loved the congestion, I loved the traffic, I loved the people” 

Fatma AlMulla 

For the campaign, we took ourselves to the place of the inspiration, sunny Deira! Shooting in front of the beautiful colourful steel doors. Each take came with it’s own little surprises – like the guys walking out from behind the doors (one of our favourite images from the shoot!).