Ameera Collection


A range of precisely crafted pieces with sleek cuts and‭ ‬quality crystals embroidered on with full attention to‭ ‬

details and sophistication‭. ‬The feel of the bridal crepe‭ ‬fabric‭, ‬the color selection‭, ‬and the polished designs‭ ‬

compose a set of functional and stylish looks‭.‬


With fascination over Marie Antoinette’s biopic film‭, ‬a collection was created to embody a modern woman’s class and elegance‭. ‬The six looks‭, ‬delicately handcrafted for a premium finish‭, ‬make the perfect variety of dresses for your chic gatherings‭.‬


Every dress was named after a royalty title that symbolizes its identity‭: ‬the Al Dana, Malak, the Sheikha‭, ‬

the Rani‭, ‬the Dauphine‭, ‬the‭ ‬Duchess‭, ‬the Countess‭, ‬the Princess‭, ‬the Sultana‭, ‬the Baroness‭, ‬and the Maharani‭.‬