About FMM Dubai

With a passion for art, design and photography, Fatma began her career showcasing her photography across the UAE. Her unique and inspired perspective of her Emirati cultured led her to design the artwork for her very first product, a set of t-shirts, under the label FMM.

Launching in 2012, FMM began as a conceptual insight into Arab culture, reflected through tongue-in-cheek illustrations of cultural stereotypes and societal obsessions that won the hearts of the young, trend focused and vibrant audience of the UAE.

Proving her fashion design ability in addition to her graphic artistry, Fatma launched her debut clothing collection in 2012 featuring her most loved illustrations and introduced colorful patterns, including the launch of the iconic Dinhoud dress collection.

2013 saw the launch of her very first accessories collection where FMM began a movement towards cultural pride with the Niqab and Bisht iphone cases. A cult-like obsession of selfies followed!

Each item and artwork is designed by Fatma, on her desk, in her little studio, in sunny Dubai, with love.


About Fatma

“{Ef ayy tee emm ayy } is how u spell my name, FATMA, without the ‘I’ ”

After Graduating from the American University of Sharjah, in 2011 with a bachelor of science degree in Visual Communications, I was on the lookout for a job, I was offered roles, and call me crazy, but I’m a believer in intuition, and something just didn’t feel right, so I declined them and put my thinking cap on. (And yes, my family did give me a hard time on that one!).

I minored in photography, I love and have always loved everything to do with imagery, so I started blogging. That was 2011. The blog sphere was the thing to do, it was on trend and rapidly growing in popularity. In my opinion, blogging was the catalyst for everything we see today in the social media world. The development and growth of FMM from my blog was organic, I never planned for anything in particular to happen and the beautiful thing about it was that it felt ‘right’, and I loved every moment of what I was doing!

I’m curious by nature, curious of the world around me, and in essence, this was the starting point of my blog. I was in awe of how social media was making the world so much smaller, and so much more interactive. Luxury products that at one time would only be seen on a celebrity snapped by the paparazzi in a newspaper were now gaining a cult-like following across the entire globe, I’m talking the likes of the Cartier love bracelet, the Isabel Marant sneakers, the Celine luggage tote. This behavior intrigued me and looking back, really influenced my art.

So I started thinking, thinking about how my small world in the UAE, shared so many similarities with the worlds across the oceans, but how there was still something about my world, the Arab world, that remained unique and unchanged. I began illustrating what I saw - this culture and diverse society that I am a part of - Integrating items in pop-culture with Arabic phrases and Arabic symbols in a tongue-in-cheek, humorous kind of way.